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Having spent the past 15 years working with a huge cross-section of hoteliers from luxury guest houses to city-centre boutiques we’ve seen first hand how the sympathetic use of tech in the industry can delight guests, adding to their experience and winning reviews and repeat business. This is why we’ve spent the past two days in London at Hotel Tech Live, one of the latest technology events the hotel industry has seen. Hotel Tech Live delivered a fantastic lineup of guest speakers who presented a number of insightful seminars from embracing tech in the hotel industry to understanding the next technological leap within the sector. We were really excited to gain a better understanding into how we can help our clients to revolutionise their business in terms of technology.

If you read our ‘Hospitality Tech Report 2017: Recognising the challenges and trends faced in technology within the hotel industry’ earlier this year then you’ll know we touched on how tech can be used to give hoteliers a competitive edge and ensure great guest experience. We also focussed on guest connectivity, security, demands on infrastructure and in-room-technology.

By attending Hotel Tech Live our overall aim was to expand on our current understanding of how our hospitality clients can transform the way in which they run their business to attract more consumers and make their business stand out amongst competitors. We were able to join in the discussions and gain a greater understanding of:

  • How hoteliers can potentially use the latest trends in the sector to drive bookings
  • How guests react to technology
  • What tech leading properties are using to be reactive to customer behaviour
  • The technologies that are starting to change the way hotels are run and managed.

At Systemagic we’re now in the process of creating our second Hospitality Tech Report that will be published at the beginning of next year. Over the past two days we’ve been able to see what industry experts seem to be focussing on to transform the hotels of tomorrow. If you run a hotel and would like to be added to our mailing list for our Hotel Technology content then please contact, for further information! Other than that keep your eyes peeled for our next industry report!


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