Why Businesses Need Windows 11 Pro (Not Home)

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We often get asked why we encourage businesses to run Windows 11 Pro, instead of Windows 11 Home.

While you may save a bit of money purchasing Windows 11 Home, it can cause more headaches than it’s worth.


Some business applications and software require the Pro version for optimal performance and compatibility.

Applications like Microsoft 365 and Sage recommend the Pro version of Windows and can have issues if installed on Home.

If you have a server in your IT system or use Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Entra ID, you won’t be able to connect and access your business’s IT systems unless you have Windows Pro version.


Windows 11 Pro adds lots of extra security features over Home including Bitlocker encryption, Information Protection and Windows Defender Application Guard, all of which are critical for securing your business data.

Business-grade antivirus and security software rely on the Pro features to fully protect your computer from threats.

User Management

With the Home edition of Windows, the user account is managed on the device meaning we can’t remotely reset the password, help to regain access to the device if the password is lost, or block access to the device if you need us to.

Microsoft 365

If you have Microsoft 365, only the Pro version of Windows can properly connect to the service to fully make use of subscriptions such as Business Premium.

Group Management Policy

Windows 11 Pro version is essential to allow us to centrally manage and configure computer and user settings, enforce security policies, apply updates etc. With the Home version, we have little control over the device in terms of managing it.

Flexibility Over Updates

Windows 11 Pro allows us to choose when (and even “if” in some cases) to install updates and patches.

This is important to ensure minimal disruption to productivity, to schedule when updates are applied and so we can block any updates that cause more problems than they fix.

Cyber Essentials

Business security and compliance certifications like Cyber Essentials require the features of Windows 11 Pro, so even if you don’t need certification now, choosing Windows 11 Pro when you purchase a new device can save a lot of money and disruption in future if you ever need to achieve certification.

How Much Does Windows 11 Cost?

The Pro version of Windows typically adds £80-100 to the price of a new computer but it’s cheaper to purchase with the computer than to upgrade afterwards, where the cost can double.

The Upgrade license from Home to Pro can cost as much as £180 alone, plus our labour to install and configure the upgrade.

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