How to Add Microsoft 365 Emails to an Android Device

Adding Microsoft 365 emails to the Outlook app is easy with our 6-step guide.

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Step 1: Open your Android phone and navigate to the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Once you’ve opened Google Play, search ‘Microsoft Outlook’ and download the app.

Step 3: Once installed, open Outlook and click ‘Get Started’, then in the lower right, click ‘ Add Account’.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to enter your email address, for example:


Once you have done this, click ‘Continue’.

Step 5: A new window will appear with the Microsoft 365 login screen. Please enter your password and click ‘Next’.

Step 6: If your login credentials are correct, you’ll automatically be logged in and asked if you want to add another account. Click ‘Maybe Later’.

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