Don’t be fooled with our new Web Security solution

If you read our previous blog then you’ll know we’re always exploring different ways in which we can protect and improve our clients online safety. Finding the best solution to stop viruses, ransomware and other threats making their way onto your network is something our team are passionate about. One way of achieving even more peace of mind that your data is protected is by having a reliable web security solution in place. Don’t be fooled with our new Web Security solution. Our new web security service blocks over 300,000 malware and ransomware sites every single day!

We’ve been busy discussing our solution with clients. So,  if you’re unsure whether your business needs one then check out some FAQ’s below:

How does it work?

Our web security tool is 100% cloud based. It works by monitoring, controlling, securing and protecting businesses and users from online threats such as phishing and scam attempts. The sole focus is to protect your data and ultimately prevent scams and attacks.

Does it monitor everything my staff do online?

Only if you want it to! Not only does our solution offer an extra boost to antivirus protection it’s able to filter out any content that you don’t want people to see via your network. This could be anything deemed unsuitable for the workplace, such as pornography, social media or gambling.

Our business already has AntiVirus, is that not enough?

AntiVirus software is absolutely vital in any business. It has the ability to stop almost all malicious threats. It can’t however protect against phishing scams that are designed to fool you into logging into a dummy site and steal your user information. This adds what we feel is a vital layer of phishing, data theft and ransomware protection even if users accidentally click a malicious link.

We have an introductory offer to those who are interest in our latest service. If you’d like any advice on how web security solutions can protect your business then get in touch we’d love to hear from you. 

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