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Does Your IT Provider Need to be Local?

Choosing an IT support provider for your business is a big task. Although IT providers might look the same from the outside, they’re certainly not created equally. Making it important to do your research before settling on one.  

But with so many MSPs to choose from, how do you filter your options, and should locality be a priority? 

Quality Over Locality 

It’s understandable why many businesses choose their suppliers based on locality; but considering remote IT support providers exist, is it necessary to choose a local provider over a more qualified one slightly further afield? 

Similarly, more businesses are opening up positions to remote workers. 

Don’t get us wrong, your local IT provider may be perfect for you, but before settling for one because they’re down the road, we think there are some more important things you should consider above location. 

Response and Resolution Times

When it comes to IT support, quick response and resolution times are paramount. Although it would be unrealistic to expect every single request to get dealt with and resolved instantly, you should never feel like you are being ignored or transferred back and forth aimlessly.  

Your IT provider should be responsive no matter how you get in touch, whether that be via telephone or email. 

Even if the person you initially speak to doesn’t have all the answers, they should know who will and keep you well informed until the issue is resolved. 

Customer Service Levels 

The quality of the support you receive is essential, including customer service. You want an IT provider that is going to offer you the support you need in a friendly and efficient way. We all know that feeling when something isn’t working as it should and the simple ‘turn-it-off and on-again’ method just doesn’t cut it. You need someone who is more than happy to receive your call and can help you find a solution. 

When approaching potential IT providers, don’t be afraid to ask them about their customer service levels and customer satisfaction rate. IT providers should be able to back up what they’re saying with social proof, such as testimonials and case studies. 

Experience & Credentials  

Many people look at ‘experience’ as the number of years a business has been around, but it can mean so much more. Does your IT provider have experience supporting other businesses in your industry? Can they support the software you use? Do they have experience supporting the number of users you have? 

Technology and IT are forever changing and it’s important that your IT provider can keep up to date with the latest advancements. In any profession, there are several qualifications and accreditations one can achieve and IT is no different. A good IT provider will have some if not all of the following: 


Contract & Terms 

Many IT providers only offer support on long-term contracts, but what happens if their customer service levels slip? It’s essential to check what the minimum term length is and if there are any clauses or costs to leave. We recently onboarded a customer whose earlier IT provider had let them down, but luckily they were close to the end of their contract and were able to change IT provider.

Looking to Change IT Provider? 

Since 1999 we’ve been Doing IT Differently by providing friendly and reliable IT support on rolling monthly terms and without the complicated jargon. Over 350 businesses trust us to keep their systems safe and online. With a tried and tested onboarding process, we make changing IT providers easy and hassle-free.

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