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Does your business have the best tools on hand to operate remotely?

The Pandemic has presented businesses with a ‘new normal’ and remote working looks like it’s here to stay as organisations plan to keep their teams working from home for the foreseeable future. Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses to adapt quickly to facilitate flexible working but does your business have the best tools on hand to operate remotely?

We’ve listed our top 3 tools organisations seriously need in their day-today operations to make remote working sustainable and bearable for the long haul! 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription designed with productivity in mind. Far from being simply an email account, the Microsoft 365 package helps users connect to the files they need in order to work efficiently with secure file storage and team collaboration through SharePoint and OneDrive. Microsoft Teams is a communication tool users can take full advantage of when operating remotely as it keeps your entire workforce continuously connected and communicating.  Many of our clients have told us they would have struggled to run their businesses without Teams during lockdown, and SharePoint has allowed them to ensure they have fast, easy access to all their documents.

VOIP Phone System

Having the right tools in place to contact your colleagues and clients is key in any business which is why having a reliable, flexible and secure telephone system is key! So many clients have found that their old phone systems might be innexpensve to run, but have really hampered flexibility and communication in recent months.  Our business telephone systems offer users the ability to plug their handset in anywhere with an internet connection to make calls in the exact same way you would if you were working from your regular office environment or better still, to use an app on their computer, tablet or mobile.


SharePoint lets users manage their workload and streamline collaboration across your business. With SharePoint, anyone in your organisation can access the documents they need instantly regardless of location. SharePoint allows users to work on documents simultaneously ensuring collaboration is seamless. We spoke about some of the reasons we can’t live without Sharepoint in a recent blog ‘It’s time to embrace Sharepoint Online.’

As we look to the future team Systemagic are true believers that with the right technology on hand and the appropriate support in place businesses can work from home as effectively as they once did in the office. If you would like to schedule a chat about the best solutions for your business then drop us a line!   

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