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Communicate, collaborate and coordinate better with Office365

Office 365 has loads of cool features available to maximise communication and productivity however we still find a lot of customers aren’t making the most of their subscription despite using the platform daily. To help users gain a better understanding of the resources available at their disposal we’ve listed our favourite applications that are part of Microsoft’s 365 subscription that you can inject into your day-to-day work to help communicate, collaborate and coordinate with your team effortlessly.

Communicate with Teams

We may sound like a broken record but Microsoft Teams is king when it comes to streamlining communication across your workforce. Meeting experiences and chat functionalities have never been smoother with some of the latest updates providing custom background effects, meeting notes sections and the ability to stream up to 49 calls at once. Break out rooms are set to come later in the year so keep your eyes peeled for that! Many of our clients have told us that they’d have been lost without Teams and would have struggled to keep their business operating effectively during lockdown, so it has been a genuine business-saver for many.   

Collaborate with SharePoint

With SharePoint there is no need to Email documents back and fourth to your colleagues as they’re all stored in one central location that’s accessible from anywhere, on any device. The platform allows several people to work on the same file at once which is handy for those working from home and for documents that are frequently accessed by lots of people. We love that if someone makes an edit on your document, you can see in real-time who made those changes, and, when configured correctly, SharePoint even keeps copies of documents so you can easily track and undo changes if needed.

Coordinate with Planner

Planner is a project planning and task organisation tool that helps organisations manage their workflow by creating plans, assigning and prioritising tasks. At Systemagic, we love Planner for managing projects and on boarding new customers – with so many people involved in these processes Planner makes it easy for us to assign tasks, monitor progress and ensure nothing is forgotten. Planner is the perfect addition to businesses with multiple offices, busy project teams and flexible workers as it not only takes the chaos out of team integration it’s also super simple to use.

As Microsoft Silver Partners our experienced team are on hand to not only help you choose the right Microsoft 365 subscription for your business but ensure the set up is seamless and customers are getting the most value from their subscription. Would you like more information on implementing Microsoft 365 or using more of your subscription? We’d love to hear from you.

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