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Back to basics with Microsoft Planner

You’ve probably heard us mention how much we love making use of the features Microsoft 365 has to offer.  Microsoft Planner is a firm favourite here at Systemagic, we use it for a variety of tasks including managing projects, coordinating training and on-boarding new clients. We’ve highlighted some of the FAQ’s surrounding Planner that may give you a better idea of whether the platform would work for your business. 

What is Microsoft planner?

Planner is Microsoft’s answer to simplifying complicated project management software. It’s found as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription and allows users to create plans, manage tasks and streamline processes. It’s extremely simple to use and within minutes you can be making lists of tasks, assigning them to other people and keeping track of progress.

Why do I need it?

Not only is Planner a perfect addition to support remote teams keep track of the tasks their colleagues are working on, it’s also invaluable for busy teams working on multiple projects allowing them to manage their time, set deadlines and organise tasks simply and efficiently. 

Is Planner easy to use?

Planner uses a card-based interface that has been designed to make the whole process of creating and managing plans effortless.  To create your first plan simply select ‘create a new plan’ and ‘save.’ Once you’ve done this your first plan is ready to work on and you can begin assigning tasks and adding users. It also has mobile apps so you can keep up to date on your phone or tablet as well as on the computer.

Can I have multiple plans?

Yes! Planner allows you to create multiple plans with various users in your organisation. Selecting ‘Planner Hub’ gives users full view of both recent and existing plans making it easy to manage. 

What is the difference between Planner and Teams?

The key focus of Microsoft Planner is to act as a simple task management tool whereas Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution making communicating with your team via video call, screen sharing and instant messaging possible.  You can actually integrate Planner into Teams by adding Planner tab into your Teams channels. At Systemagic, we recommend using both applications to simplify your communication processes. 

Do you think your business could benefit from using Planner in their day-to-day operations? Let’s chat.


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