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Apple Event: Keynote Highlights 2018

The biggest Apple event of the year hit our screens last night and as always we were pretty damn excited to see what Tim Cook and his gang had in store for us. The highly anticipated keynote delivered us a number of major announcements so if you didn’t catch the event, here’s a quick recap of the new products and the all important deets!

Apple Watch series 4

A redesigned and re engineered Apple Watch Series 4 was the first product to be launched and as expected is ‘bigger and better than ever.’  The face isn’t quite edge-to edge display although the display is 35% bigger the overall design is actually slimmer.

Why you need it: 

The series 4 comes with a ton of new health features. It detects if you have a fall and if you’re immobile for a minute, the device will automatically call emergency services for you. It even has FDA-approved heart rate technology that can detect irregular heartbeats and perform electrocardiogram (ECG) – which helps diagnose certain heart conditions making the series 4 the first over the counter device to do this.

In terms of the all important techie bits the Series 4 has a new dual-core 64-bit S4 processor that is custom-designed to improve performance making the device two times faster than pervious models.

It also comes in a number of new colours and even materials being available in both stainless steel or aluminium. Finally, fab new for those of you who fancy upgrading your watch – all existing bands will be compatible with the device. Have we tempted you yet?

What it’ll cost: The Apple Watch Series 4 will set you back £399 with GPS or £499 with cellular.

When can I get it?  You’ll be able to pre order the Apple Watch Series 4 from Friday. It will go on sale one week later on the 21st.

iPhone XS and XS Max

Apples 2018’s iPhone lineup consisted of a whopping three new devices. The XS and XS Max are iterations on last years iPhone X however both devices are larger with the Max having a 6.5 inch screen size!

Why you need it: Both devices include performance improvements thanks to the new A12 Bionic processor. They feature the most durable glass ever and Super Retina OLED display is the best yet at 5.8 inches, 2.7m pixels. The camera specs are pretty damn impressive too including Smart HDR, taking even more shots at multiple exposures, including a long exposure. You can even changed the depth of field of an image.

What it’ll cost: You can purchase the XS from £999, £1,149 and £1,349 depending on storage. The XS Max is the most expensive handset to date, with its price ranging from £1,099 to £1,449 depending on its amount of storage.

When can I get it?  The iPhone XS will be available to pre-order from Friday, with a release date set for September 21.

iPhone XR

The final announcement of the evening Apple unveiled the iPhone XR. Taking us back to the 5c days this colourful new design is offered as the cheaper option of the trio. Apple is able to keep the price down by using an LCD display, a single camera setup, and removing 3D Touch.

Why you need it: As we’ve already mentioned this particular device comes in a number of vibrant colours to choose from including white, black, yellow, blue, red and coral. The XR also has a bigger LCD display than the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple is calling it ‘Liquid Retina.’

What it’ll cost: The XR will be £749 however we’re yet to find out how much the 128GB and 256GB models will cost!

When can I get it? Preorders for the XR are from the 21st of October.

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