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5 reasons to consider an Apple MacBook for your next laptop

Here at Systemagic we’re huge fans of Apple devices.  Almost all our techs are Apple Certified and around 75% of our clients have at least one mac, with 20% being exclusively Apple based.   Here are our top 5 reasons why you might want to consider an Apple MacBook for your next business laptop:

Battery Life

MacBook battery life is far better than most standard Windows laptops. The MacBook Air model with the latest M1 chip lasts up to 18 hours of actual use so if you’re on the move a lot with your laptop there’s no need to always carry a charger with you.   Even the more powerful MacBook Pro battery life is fantastic.  Compared with a standard Windows laptop you can video call for twice as long with the same amount of battery power.

Processing Power

Apple’s M1 chips are great – our clients tell us they find the M1 chip faster than an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor.  For people who spend a lot of time using Microsoft Excel the M1 chip is 2x faster and browser-based work is 50% more responsive.   For most people the MacBook Air with an M1 chip and 8GB memory offers great performance for normal business use.

Save money in the long term

MacBooks are usually a few hundred pounds more than an equivalent spec Windows laptop (don’t forget Systemagic can get trade pricing on Apple kit, as well as educational pricing and certified refurbished deals) but their residual value is far higher.  Instead of simply recycling your laptop after a handful of years you will probably find you can sell it for a good price.   We also find that the useful lifespan of a MacBook (when considering performance, security and reliability) is better than a Windows laptop.

Fully compatible – including Microsoft Office

Apple Macbooks are completely compatible with Windows networks, Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Office applications.   If the rest of your business network is Microsoft based there’s no reason why you can’t use a MacBook without compromising security or compatibility.


Macs do get viruses – the days of Apple devices being safe from viruses have unfortunately long gone.  However with business-grade security software in place the MacBook is extremely secure.  TouchID lets you log in with fingerprints, hardware based security and encryption is included and the Mac Operating System is great at preventing unauthorised access.  We recommend ESET security products to keep your Mac protected.

Systemagic can get trade pricing on Apple kit, as well as educational pricing and certified refurbished deals.  Our Apple Certified technicians are always on hand to give advice on the best model and specification and discuss how an Apple laptop would work with your business network.

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