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What’s The Difference Between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line IT Support?

If you’ve needed business IT support in the past, you may have heard the terms 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support float around.  

Whilst these terms may sound confusing, they’re simply a way to describe what happens and whom you speak to when you contact our IT helpdesk with an IT problem. For example, forgetting a password, a weak Wi-Fi signal or something serious, such as a server going down.  

What Happens When You Contact Systemagic for IT Support? 

When you first experience a technical issue, you’ll need to contact our IT helpdesk for support. This can be done via email at or telephone 01225 426800.  

Once your ticket has been logged by our helpdesk, they will then connect you to the most relevant line of support for your issue.   

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What Are the Different Types of IT Support? 

What Does 1st Line IT Support Do?  

Our first line of IT support deals with common IT problems that they usually solve during the first contact. Typically, these don’t require advanced specialist knowledge, such as resetting passwords and rebooting devices.  

1st line IT support is similar to ‘triage’ in a hospital.  

What Does 2nd Line IT Support Do? 

For more time-consuming, uncommon and complex issues, we will connect you to our second line of IT support. This team has greater technical knowledge than 1st line support and will be better placed to help you.   

What Does 3rd Line IT Support Do? 

If your IT problem is serious and concerns your server, connectivity or a security breach, we will connect you to our third line of IT support and our most senior IT specialists will work to resolve your problem. This team has specialist knowledge and experience.  

Will I Be Passed Down the Lines of Support?  

Unlike other IT support companies, we won’t pass you through each line of support as this prolongs solving your issue. Instead, we will connect you with the most relevant line of support for your issue, so that it can be solved as fast as possible with minimal interruption to your day.  

Do You Need Business IT Support? 

Systemagic supplies business IT support to SMEs across the UK. With flexible rolling-term support contracts, award-winning customer service and fast response and resolution times, over 350 organisations trust Systemagic’s IT support services.  

If you’re looking for quality business IT support, we’d love to hear from you about how we can support you.

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