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There’s a new threat to Office 365 – are you protected?

There’s a new threat to Office 365, Ransomware. Previously targeting computers and servers, ransomware viruses are now targeting Office 365 and has been encrypting users entire email history and SharePoint docs.  2019 has seen a 500% increase in ransomware attacks on business, 71% of which have affected small businesses, just as everyone thought it had gone away!

At Systemagic we’ve always strongly recommended that all Office 365 users make sure they have a third party backup system and the majority of our 365 customers already use this

Microsoft themselves recommend that all Office 365 users have a third-party backup for their data in their Service Level Agreement. You’ll find this in sections 4.a.iv.2, 4.f, 6. At Systemagic, we’ve always strongly recommended that Office 365 users should make use of our backup service.

Think it won’t happen to you..

Watch ethical hacker Kevin Mitnik demonstrate how quickly and easily Office 365 can get infected on this video on our YouTube channel.

What’s our Office 365 backup solution?

At just £2 per user account per month our backup solution backs up all your Office 365 data three times each day to a UK based secure data centre. Retaining the data for 12 months and allowing very fast and easy recovery if you lose data, accidentally delete it, or are hit by a virus.

Many users believe that backup should only be a concern to those who have lost data in the past but perhaps you should give it some thought and think about how secure your current cloud data environment is.  Putting the appropriate measures in place to stop data being blown away is key.

Would you like more information on implementing the best backup solution for your organisation? Why not get in touch for a chat today!

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