Did you know that around 14.5 billion spam emails are sent globally every single day and the United Kingdom is in the top 10 countries in which have the most live spam issues currently. As spammers get even more sophisticated why not take a look at our Email Spam Filtering & Security solutions to find out how your business can avoid time wasting spam all together..

Some studies claim that over 70% of all emails are spam, so even a conservative estimate suggests that spam is a huge waste of both time and resources.   Our Email Spam Filtering & Security package makes sure that your emails are scanned for both spam and viruses before they get to you – in previous months we’ve prevented 94268 spam emails from reaching our clients!

We often hear from customers who are fed up of receiving spam in their inbox on a regular basis. On top of keeping spam and virus emails out of your inbox with a 99.9% spam identification rate, our email security service keeps a full audit of incoming and outgoing emails. So, if you’re expecting an important email we can tell whether it has been sent to you or not.

Do you think your business requires a Email Spam Filtering solution?  Get started today!

Take a look at some of the key benefits below:

Minimises spam and virus exposure

Provide additional email storage and archiving options

Minimize the disruption from attacks.

If spam is wasting your time every day, or you’re concerned about viruses arriving by email, why not book a call with our friendly team to see whether our email security service is what you need?

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